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Committees and Groups


Chairman - Jacki Lilley

Vice-Chairman - Tim Fox

Finance Committee - Jacki Lilley, Tim Fox, Fraser Wright and Jackie Clark (Clerk)

Internal Controls Councillor - Fraser Wright

Planning - All Councillors

Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan matters - Jacki Lilley

Highways matters – including speeding measures, parking and street lighting  - Rob Collis, Mark Thompson to support

Environment – including trees, Pocket Park, litter collecting groups  - Rob Newby

Community – including buses, doctors surgery, school liaison - Susan Husk

Recreation Ground  - Tim Fox, who will also sit on Friends of Gretton Recreation Ground Committee

Communications – including website, newsletters, press  - Julie Smith

Police and Neighbourhood Watch liaison  - Mark Thompson

Village Hall - Julie Smith

Sports and Social Club - Spencer Nicholls, Mark Thompson to support

Welland Valley Partnership - Rob Newby

Parish Path Warden - Rob Newby

Gretton House contact - Mark Thompson

Clerk - Jackie Clark          Email: