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Meet your Councillors

Jacki Lilley - Chairman, Finance Committee, Neighbourhood Plan and Local Plan Matters

My name is Jacki Lilley and I am standing as a candidate for the Parish Council because I wish to serve this community by protecting the things that make Gretton such a special place to live.  

My husband and I moved here six years ago from London.  We were offered the opportunity to be involved in forming the Gretton Neighbourhood Plan initiated by the Parish Council. This gave us a great chance to learn a lot about Gretton very quickly – about the history, the community, its buildings and its ecology and environment. It also enabled us to meet new people and interact with many that we may not have otherwise been lucky enough to meet. The aspirations of the villagers are included in this piece of work and as my involvement is coming to an end, as we reach the referendum, it has motivated my desire to continue to work for the Gretton community and help embed the plan into the Parish Council.  

I work for a global investment bank in London.  Having worked “in the City” since 1984, I bring a number of skills with me including: business analysis, project management, team leadership, and senior management skills.  I have worked mostly from home since moving here and the last year have been entirely home working due to the pandemic.  

Tim Fox - Vice Chairman, Finance Committee Recreation Ground, Friends of Gretton Recreation Ground Committee

I have lived in Gretton for over 30 years and have served on the Parish Council for 20 years. My children attended Gretton Primary School and I have always tried to play an active part in village life. I work as a Chartered Surveyor and Agricultural Valuer providing advice on a wide range of rural property and business matters, including planning and development, and am able to contribute my technical knowledge and experience across many issues that have to be considered by the Parish Council.

During my service to the Parish Council, I have chaired the committee for preparation of the original Parish Plan in 2005, and am also chair of the Friends of Gretton Recreation Ground responsible for obtaining the funding and building of the Multi-Use Games Area, installation of the play areas and extension and refurbishment of the Sports Pavilion. My aims are to continue the improvements on
the Recreation Ground and provide further equipment and facilities to enhance the activities for a wide range of users.

We are entering a new era with the inauguration of the new North Northamptonshire Council, and backed by our Neighbourhood Plan, I will work hard to ensure that the Parish Council has an effective voice, and is a strong force in protecting the environment and heritage of the village from excessive or inappropriate development whilst striving to maintain and improve the facilities, services and infrastructure to ensure that the village sustains a mixed and vibrant community.

Mark Thompson Police and Neighbourhood Watch Liaison

Having been born in Gretton some 56 years ago I have seen many changes to the village over the years, some for the better and some not, I have seen people come and people go, all adding to the diversity and caricature of our homestead.

I have served as a parish councillor for the past 17 years, as a police liaison and pocket park representative, I enjoy the decisions and challenges we face as a council to keep our parish and village the idyllic area we have all come to love.

After settling down with my wife Susan 25 years ago, Susan too has fallen in love with the area having previously travelled the world.
I have a family history of building and farming within the village dating back generations and we are very passionate about the village and the direction various people and organisations try to steer it.
Hopefully I can carry on serving as a councillor and trying to help steer the village in the direction the people of Gretton want it to go.

Julie Smith - Communications including website, newsletters, press

My name is Julie Smith. You might recognise me from The Hatton Arms or from walking our dog Hattie around the village.
I have been associated with the Village since 1990 when my Dad (John Hindle) took over the running of the Hatton. I moved away for a little while and then myself and my husband Neil moved here and have been running the pub since 2009.

I have been an existing member of the Parish Council for the past few years and would love to continue to work for the village to keep it the place that we all know and love.

I think that it is important for us as a Parish Council to make sure the Village keeps it's own identity and doesn't get lost or forgotten about within the new Unitary Authority.

I am always happy to chat with residents about any concerns/ideas that they may have and am always happy to this while serving a drink (or two).

Susan Husk - Community including buses, doctors surgery, school liaison

I have lived in Gretton for over 20 years with my family. I am a keen supporter of local village businesses, events and organisations, including the Pocket Park and the Baptist Chapel. During my daughter’s attendance at the village school, I assisted the Parent Staff Association in the role of Secretary, and supported them with many fund-raising events.

Over the last four years, I have been part of the Gretton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee in the role of Secretary; working with fellow volunteers from the village, we were all delighted when the Independent Examiner recommended the Plan move forward to

I also belong to the Gretton Neighbourhood Watch. In recent years I have opposed developments not considered appropriate within the Parish including the Brookfield Plantation Incinerator, the Gladman Development (120 houses off Southfield Road), and the Crematorium.

In my professional life, I am proud to have worked for Northamptonshire Police for almost 32 years, where I support senior leaders of the Force.

Gretton is an amazing and friendly place to live and work, with a strong and supportive community which has been clearly demonstrated during the pandemic. As a Parish Councillor, I would offer commitment and a willingness to work in the best interests of the village and the wider Parish to ensure it remains a great place to live in.

Fraser Wright - Finance Committee 

Barring a short stint at university I have lived in Gretton all my life (35 years) and I’m already involved in other village organisations as a player for Gretton Cricket Club and as Secretary of Gretton Sports & Social Club. Professionally I work as a Business Analyst for Oxford
University Press based in Kettering although like many others, I’ve been homeworking for the past year.

To me Gretton is more than a collection of houses on the side of the Welland Valley, Gretton has an historic sense of community that as villagers we are proud of. Inevitably times do change as old friends leave and new faces arrive in the village but that community spirit remains, to my mind the Parish Council contributes towards this in the way it works alongside other individuals and village groups which combined together create our unique community. This is the primary reason I wish to join the Parish Council as I wish to represent and provide support to those who efforts make our community what it is.

Spencer Nicholls - Sports and Social Club

I have lived in Gretton for nearly 4 years and love living here as in many ways it reminds me of where I grew up. This and being able to walk my son to school was one of the many reasons for moving here. I can be found on the school playground most days. I have two
children who live with me and my wife Emma. My son is in Year 1 of Gretton school and my daughter attends UCC. I also have 3 children who live in Oxfordshire who visit very regularly.

I decided that after a lifetime of taking it was time to put something back into the community. I started to be involved with Gretton Sports and Social club after the AGM in February 2020 and am now the Chairman. The hard work of the committee has enabled the club to survive, so money and resources can be put back into the community once again.

In my professional life I’m Vice President of International Sales for a North American company, so I’m well travelled and would bring a breadth of business experience. I feel I can bring something different to the parish council and enable it to adapt and embrace change when required but also fight to maintain the parts that make the village great. I intend to be visible and open to ideas from the village. 

Rob Newby - Environment including trees, Pocket Park, litter collecting groups, Welland Valley Partnership, Parish Path Warden

After graduating from Brunel University’ I ran my own construction company and worked in London for many years. I moved with my family to the area in 1986, continuing to work within the building industry.

My wife and I have now lived in Gretton for over 20 years, enjoying our life together in the village with our families and all of our children attended UCC. I was a governor there for five years and my wife was teacher at the college.

I have become increasingly drawn towards environmental issues and developed a commercial woodland project with the Forestry Commission for 20 years, successfully Coppicing an area of Wakerley Woods. This led to me becoming a Director of the National Coppice Federation. I continue to work with many such groups in this area. At present I am concluding, for the year, a tree planting project which has been a focus, during the recent interesting months.

This interest fits with my activities in Welland Mayfly Fishers, fishing club in Harringworth, where I also organise maintenance work and projects connected with the river.

I was part of the group involved in producing our Neighbourhood Plan. I am a founding member of Greener Gretton. I am outspoken and determined to work, in whatever capacity, for the good of our village. I feel very strongly that there is much that we have to do as a community to preserve and improve the quality of life for everyone living locally.

Fiona Blamire

In 2010 my husband and I were fortunate enough to move into Fulwell Avenue.  We moved from Kettering and it was one of the best decisions we have made.  I was familiar with the village spending many a weekend here with my grandparents and since moving here I have established many friendships.  I am actively involved in community events, helping where I can.  I love to walk my dog around the area and learn about the history of the Village.

In a professional capacity I am a Global Business Optimisation manager for Bosch Home Appliances in Customer Service.  I feel that the skills I possess are relevant qualities that supports the role of a Parish Councillor.  This includes budgeting, leadership, team working and communication.

As a Parish Councillor, I would maintain my pragmatic approach to situations and remain objective when dealing difficult situations.  I establish relationships easily and remain impartial when presented with conflicts of interest.  Communication is really important to me, and in my experience, when advising people of an outcome it is received better when providing the rationale behind the decision.

I am an active listener and try to remain well informed of things that may impact locally.  Any issue or idea brought to my attention by anyone within the community will be acted upon.  It is important to me that all members of the community feel that their input is valuable and as a parish council we strive to continually improve the quality of life in the village.

Jackie Clark - Parish Clerk

I’m a recently retired primary school teacher and moved to Gretton, with my husband, in September 2018. My husband is a retired electrical engineer who I met at secondary school and married in 1978.

I love the area and have enjoyed getting to know new people and being involved with different opportunities and activities within the village. This is a fairly new area to us that we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring.  My husband, is a keen runner and cyclist, however, he has not been able to persuade me yet to cycle up the steep hills around Gretton even with a tea room as a destination!

In my role as Clerk, I look forward to taking action in the best interests of everyone who lives and works in the parish.