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Neighbourhood Plan

July 2020

Gretton Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Regulation 16 – Statutory Consultation period – 17th July 2020 – 11th September 2020

Following the consultation process that took place between October and November 2019, your comments and feedback were duly considered by Gretton Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan was amended as appropriate.

An updated version of the Plan has been submitted to Corby Borough Council.  The Plan has now been deemed to be legally compliant and can move forward to the next step in the process – Regulation 16 Statutory Consultation.

This consultation will be managed by Corby Borough Council.   Any feedback received will be collated by CBC and submitted with the Plan for examination by a duly appointed Examiner.   The Examiner’s feedback will be given to the Parish Council who will be required to make amendments, if required, prior to the Plan returning to the village for a referendum.

The latest version of the Plan will be available as follows:

the Gretton Parish Council website:

By contacting the Parish Clerk on 07816 974828 to view a hard copy.

Feedback may be given directly to Corby Borough Council:

 by email to:               

or by writing to:                    Local Plans Team,

                                            Corby Borough Council,

                                            New Post Office Square,

                                            Corby, Northamptonshire NN17 1GD

This is your last opportunity to have a say on the Neighbourhood Plan so please do take this opportunity to participate.  

Frances Woolston

Chair, Gretton Parish Council

1st October, 2019


Dear Stakeholder

Gretton Draft Neighbourhood Plan – Statutory Consultation period – 1St October – 12th November, 2019

The Gretton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee is producing a Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of Gretton Parish Council.   A precis of the aspirations of the Neighbourhood Plan is enclosed below.

The purpose of this letter is to seek representations from Statutory Consultees and other Stakeholders and interested parties as part of the process of finalising the content of the Neighbourhood Plan.  A hard copy is available at Gretton Village Hall, Lydia’s Coffee Shop, The Baptist Chapel, St. James’ Church, and The Cottage Salon.

You are now invited to read the Draft Plan and make comments prior to the document being finalised. There will be a six-week period to do this, commencing on 1st October, 2019 and closing on 12th November, 2019. 

Your comments will influence our final draft before it is submitted to Corby Borough Council, at which point there will be a further opportunity for you to comment when the Neighbourhood Plan is published prior to Independent Examination.

If you wish to comment on the Draft Plan you can do this:

  • By email, to be addressed to:
  • In writing, addressed to:

FAO Neighbourhood Planning Committee

c/o Gretton Parish Council Clerk

7a Caistor Road,



NN17 3DL


Comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan can be made by using the Pre-Submission Comments Form attached and returned via email, by mail or at the locations mentioned above.

All responses received by the above date will be considered and may be utilised to amend the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  Wherever possible, please ensure that you specify the policy or paragraph to which your response relates.

Details of the process we have undertaken, and all relevant documentation is accessible on the Gretton Parish Council website:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,



Frances Woolston

Chair, Gretton Parish Council


Jacki Lilley

Gretton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee






Precis of the aspirations of the Neighbourhood Plan


The Gretton Neighbourhood Plan aspires to have more control of planning decisions applicable to Gretton Parish, up to 2031, together with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which embrace the whole of the country and the North Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (NNJCS) which was adopted in July 2016.  CBC as the Local Planning Authority will continue to determine planning applications, but they will have to consider the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan when reaching their decision. 

The Gretton Neighbourhood Plan reflects community-wide comments, observations and concerns about its future, bringing them together with census information, strategic and statistical evidence into a document that mirrors the community’s overwhelming desire to make Gretton an even better place to live, both now and for future generations.  

The Plan sets out a vision with aspirations and planning policy aims to help shape future development in Gretton. The policies aim to address key concerns raised by local people including protecting the character of the village and the surrounding area. Some of the issues raised cannot be directly addressed by planning policies within the Neighbourhood Plan but are included as ‘Community Actions’ to support the Neighbourhood Plan policies. 

Gretton is an attractive and popular place in which to live, and the contribution from people who care about their community and want to make it better for generations to come is greatly appreciated. The Gretton Parish Council would like to thank all the people who have been a part of making this Neighbourhood Plan through their support, both directly and indirectly, and to the external bodies that have supplied funding to make this possible.